The Health Benefits of Walking in Golf – What My GPS Golf Watch Revealed

The Health Benefits of Walking in Golf – What My GPS Golf Watch Revealed

On a course that is approximately 6800 yards long, you will walk about 4 miles if you track it in a straight line.  Now I don’t know about you, but for me, there aren’t too many straight lines I walk during my round, except when I see the bar car come by.  That is more of a straight line sprint though!  Back to my point, in an average round of golf, a person will walk approximately 6.5 miles, which is a nice amount.  If you ride in a cart, you still do some walking but it pales in comparison to the mileage you get when you hoof it out.

We get it, it’s probably more about time than it is about anything else, and as it is, golf already takes up a lot of time so rolling along in a cart and making it as quick as possible is understandable.  Everyone is getting busier and busier these days, and less time is being set aside for things like golf, which makes walking your round difficult.  Another thing that prevents many golfers from walking is the fear of pissing off every other golfer on the course by slowing the pace of play.  There are a ton of reasons to ride from a convenience standpoint.

Not long ago, I was shopping for golf watches online.  I have always been fascinated with the way technology continues to evolve in golf and I just could not help myself and wound up owning a sweet Callaway GPS golf watch.  I took the time to walk a few rounds with my GPS tracking my every move, and it really helped me see the true benefits walking had on my game (not just health, but scores too).

I play 3 times a week, and am now holding myself accountable and will dedicate myself to walking one round a week.  My goal is to do it at a time when my local track is not busy so I can avoid slowing any other golfers down.  I am open to letting riders play through if need be.

Other reasons why walking your round is good for you (aside from the mileage):

Good For Your Mind

There is something inherently peaceful about walking the course.  For the most parts, golf courses are beautiful and there is a lot to take in.  When you are flying around on a cart you just don’t have time to appreciate the beauty that some of these courses possess.  Breathing the fresh air, stretching the legs, and taking in the scenery can leave you feeling more at peace with yourself than you could possibly imagine?  Don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself!

Good For your Heart

Walking is just one of those things that are great for your ticker.  We know there are some things you have to sacrifice when you decide to walk the course, but it doesn’t hurt to do your heart a favor once in a while!

Good For Your Soul

Say what?  Yea, you read that right.  Walking a round of golf helps clean the soul.  You have time to reflect and think about things in a peaceful, quiet setting and it can be a great way to cleanse the soul.

Good For your Game

I am not going to say that you will be a scratch golfer if you start walking your rounds, however, walking allows you to get an intimate feeling for the course.  This will help you see things more clearly.  Sitting in a cart also tightens up your hip flexors, which can lead to tightness during your swing, so keeping your legs loose and engaged by walking is a great way to stay loose and shoot better scores.

Is walking in golf good for your health?  See what this guy has to say:

Walking during your round of golf presents so many benefits to your health and to your game.  If you think that it might be too daunting start out with 9 and see how it goes.  We think once you give it a shot you will love it and find yourself wanting to step it out during more of your rounds.